The Bio Solution for the Integrity of your Infrastructures

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Bioscyance, an ENGIE group internal start-up, develops eco-friendly solutions for maintaining the integrity of infrastructure in contact with sea water. Using marine biopolymers*, Bioscyance offers manufacturers and communities an innovative, economical and environmentally-friendly solution.

Bioscyance is supported by ENGIE Lab’s R&D expertise (ENGIE research center) and our partner, Polymaris Biotechnology, as well as ENDEL’s sales force for distribution in France.


*biopolymer: natural polymer of biological origin.


We offer a comprehensive solution that includes:

The study and design of a bio-station sized for your needs.

Its provision, installation and commissioning.

Training for your operators.

Management of consumable parts.

Operation and maintenance.

Process optimization as needed via regular analysis of operating data.


As Operations Manager, you’re in charge of facilities that use sea water.
You need to :

Extend the lifespan of your infrastructure while protecting the marine ecosystem.


Reduce the number of maintenance shutdowns, thereby improving facility performance.


Significantly reduce maintenance costs associated with maintaining the integrity of your facilities incontact with sea water


The Bioscyance solution is a Plug&Play bio-station specially designed for your needs and installed next to your pump house.

Using remote monitoring, this bio-station chooses the right time to inject the perfect amount of marine biopolymer, preventing any micro/macroorganism deposits on the surfaces of your facilities in contact with sea water.

This bio-station sends your central computer everything it needs to know to control the process smoothly.biopolymère : polymère naturel issu du vivant.

Bioscyance is the eco-friendly anti-fouling solution for maintaining the integrity of your facilities in contact with sea water.

Working Principle

From your bio-station, a sugar-based marine biopolymer formula with a very small quantity of active chlorine (a 90% to 95% reduction compared to the typical amount) is injected into the flow of sea water in your industrial facilities. This formula is defined using a custom protocol based on an assessment of your circuits, reservoir, tanks, heat exchangers, etc..

Thanks to their filming and bio-dispersant properties, biopolymers occupy the space and, based on the principal of natural competition, prevent development of micro/macroorganisms (bacteria, algae, mollusks, etc.) that would damage your infrastructure and, consequently, your process performance..

These biopolymers are environmentally-friendly and biodegradable (tests conducted in an independent laboratory under standards OCDE 201, 202 and 203)..

This innovative process allows you to prevent problems before they arrive instead of taking correction action, including current chemical treatments (which are corrosive and toxic to the environment) or mechanical cleaning (which causes premature wear on your infrastructure).

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